The previous two posts and the next one, at least, are my experiments with a technique I read about in Sherrill Kahn’s book, Mixed-Media Master Class.  The paper is photo-paper moistened either before or after dropping inks and paints onto it.  So there is a randomness to the images except when I am experimenting further with trying to control the “lines” somewhat.  As you will see in an upcoming post, Mandala 1, trying to control the lines is not a highly successful idea!  However, I still like some of the images that emerge.

I am experimenting with other techniques as well.  Having a great time!.

Please consider my posted images as mainly experiments at this stage.

I’m still experimenting with this website also.  I had thought it would mainly be writing with some art but the reverse seems to be the direction of evolution right now!

April 28, 2017.