My first movie/filmDVD recommendation. I enjoyed this movie so much, I watched it a second time, the next day. I also watched the informative and enjoyable “extra” about the making of the movie. 

Séraphine de Senlis was a French artist in the early 20th century. Her drive, determination and her vision are extremely well portrayed by the lead actor, Yolande Moreau.  Séraphine’s attunement to nature as subject matter and source of colours is one of the delights of the movie, filmed beautifully in rural France as in 1914 to the 1930s.  

A particularly impressive and amusing feature is the artist’s resourcefulness in her quest for art materials. As a maid by day, Séraphine struggled to survive and to be constant to her art. Her dedication and persistence were rewarded. Warning: she did suffer one of the fates most feared by artists, in the end.  

The score, composed for the movie, is very evocative and expressive, described as between baroque and minimalist. Perfect for the visuals. 

Highly recommended. It was made in 2008. I got the DVD from my public library. Definitely worth searching out! To find more information, search “Séraphine movie” on google.