Somehow, I stumbled on this DVD title in my public library’s catalogue. I decided to obtain it since it contained a segment about George Mackay Brown, a favourite Scottish poet. The presenter, Owen Sheers, selected six poems, each by a different poet and each describing a landscape. The names of five of the poets were well known to me. The sixth completely unknown. That intrigued me. Now, I am anxious to get her book of poetry which was recently republished. Lynette Roberts wrote in the 1950s in Wales. The others are Wordsworth, Matthew Arnold, Louis MacNeice and Sylvia Plath. 

This is a series of six half-hour shows made for the BBC TV and published by Kultur. Segments include historic footage, the poet’s own voice, a visit to the poem’s particular locale, commentary by family or associates, and biographical information plus an excellent reading (with the words on screen in large, legible format) of each poem. I gather the series was intended to help get young people interested in poetry. It is most enjoyable! I picked up Plath’s Collected Poems to read (re-read) her landscape poems when I took the DVD back to the library.

What’s in a landscape? What’s in a poem?  If you feel any need to ask, start here! If you love poetry, pick up this DVD and give yourself a most pleasant and entertaining treat. Highly recommended.